This site presents a record of a collective response to the closure of the much used and much loved pedestrian pathway from the centre of Long Rock village, Cornwall, to the seafront. The project was submitted to Cornwall Council, in print form, as a collective creative objection to the closure, see Latest for photos of this and Tags for images of the hundreds of handwritten tags that people have left.

For the wider campaign to keep the crossing open, see Friends of Long Rock Mexico Crossing on Facebook.

Following the closure of the path pieces of ribbon and blank tags were left at the crossing.


One or two ribbons were tied to the fence.


Then more people and ribbons rapidly appeared.



People commented that the be-ribboning has given them a reason to go down to the crossing again.



Then it spread to the other side of the tracks.


And to other places in the village.

2013-09-03 15.57.09-2-MexicoInnLongRock-BigYellowRibbon


Then 20 crocheted buttercups blossomed on the wire.

Crocheted buttercup


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